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Top 10 Purchased Albums
E.S.    1. E.S. Posthumus, Unearthed (entire cd mp3 download)
Robert    2. Robert Long, Ballet Class Music: Etudes II (entire CD mp3)
Regina    3. Regina Spektor, 11:11 eleven eleven (entire CD mp3)
1    4. 1 Sick Unit, Being Sober Sucks (entire CD mp3)
Joe    5. Joe Purdy, Julie Blue (entire cd mp3 download)
David    6. David Webber, Seeing Clearly: A Feldenkrais Exploration of Vision (entire CD mp3)
Roberta    7. Roberta Shapiro, Sleep Solutions (entire CD mp3)
Vacuum    8. Vacuum Cleaner White Noise, Colic Sweep Vacuum Cleaner White Noise (entire CD mp3)
Frank    9. Frank Caliendo, Make the Voices Stop -- The CD (entire CD mp3)
Lazlo    10. Lazlo Bane, All The Time In The World (entire cd mp3 download)

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